New England Watched A Ton Of Porn To Deal With Patriots’ Super Bowl Loss

Sunday night’s highly entertaining Super Bowl resulted in ecstasy for the Philadelphia Eagles’ fans and heartbreak for those rooting for the Patriots. The five-time champions were poised to win back to back titles but came up short despite a fantastic performance from Tom Brady.

While Philly fans were busy celebrating in the streets Sunday night, New England fans took to the web to alleviate their depression. Rather than look up cute cat videos or something to cheer themselves up, they went in the opposite direction–pornography.

As reported in the New York Post, to ease the pain from their team’s loss, Patriots’ fans turned to porn.

In Massachusetts, traffic to pornography giant Pornhub jumped as much as 26 percent in the few hours after the game ended, according to the site. Traffic in Boston, the epicenter of Patriot fandom, was 28 percent above normal by 1 am.

Philly fans may have been celebrating in the streets and bars, but even they satiated themselves via pornography. Pornhub viewership was up 13 percent above normal at 1 am in Philadelphia, while national viewership was up around 9 percent. It seems that across the country people were finishing off the eventful night in the same fashion.

Unsurprisingly, Pornhub traffic fell dramatically during the game itself. At 9 pm, right as the game entered crunch time, viewership nationwide was down 28 percent, while Boston showed an even steeper decline of 54 percent.

In Philly, at 10 pm and just minutes before the Eagles sealed their victory, viewership was down a gigantic 58 percent.

This lull and spike traffic during big sporting events has become standard according to Pornhub’s traffic metrics. Of course, the Super Bowl is the king of sporting events, so it has a significant effect on the views the site gets, especially since the game coincides with the site’s busiest time of the week, Sunday at 11 pm.

Still, it’s interesting to see how major sporting events affect the nation’s consumption of pornography, and even more so to find out that the losing side seems to consume more than everyone else.

Source: New York Post