Poll: Alabama Senate Race Takes Drastic 8-Point Turn

We’re coming down to the wire in the hotly contested Alabama Senate race. What was supposed to be an easy in for Republicans has turned into a national scandal that’s become the epicenter for discussion concerning the epidemic of sexual harassment allegations.

Moore has been accused by several women of various sexual improprieties about 40 years ago, and it’s caused his polling numbers to swing back and forth. Initially, it looked like his campaign was slowly sinking, as he fell behind by several points. However, recent weeks has seen an impressive rebound, as he’s once again moved ahead in the all-important race.

As reported at Breitbart, a poll released by Change Research late Monday shows that conservative Republican candidate Roy Moore leads liberal Democrat candidate Doug Jones by five points.

In an astonishing turn of events, Moore has recovered from the damage the accusations had on him early on. It appears that Alabamians have grown skeptical of the staggering lack of evidence supporting Moore’s accusers, and have started tuning the left-wing media’s constant slandering of the hopeful senator.

This is the third poll Change Research has done since Moore was first accused on November 9. Jones took a 3-point lead in the middle of the month, but it’s since evaporated, as Moore’s opened up a sizeable lead, and it appears that nothing’s stopping it from growing.

Folks make be asking what has changed for voters to jump ship, then come back into the fold. Change Research found that the biggest reason for the changes is simple–turnout. Ten days ago, a lot of Republicans indicated they might not vote in the December 12 special election. But now, after so much wolf-crying and pearl-clutching by the media, on-the-fence Republicans have decided to cast a vote.

In mid-November, 82 percent of those who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 said they would “definitely” vote on December 12; that number has climbed to 88 percent. Additionally, Moore has made some gains with his base: his 91–5 lead with them ten days ago has grown to a 93–4 edge.

Compared to 10 days ago, fewer Republicans believe the allegations against Moore,” Change Research noted. “Donald Trump also expressed support for Moore this week, and it may have provided the Republican with a small bump,” the polling firm added.

Moore’s resurgence is unbelievable considering the reports that the Jones campaign has outspent the Moore’s by a 10-to-1 margin.

According to the ad-tracking group Advertising Analytics LLC, Jones’ campaign has shoveled $5.6 million into television and radio ads during the general election, compared to about $600,000 by Moore’s team. That 10-to-1 advantage for Jones is almost unchanged from two weeks ago,” NBC reported on Tuesday.

Despite ubiquitous slandering by the media, their transparent support for his opponent, and a huge spending advantage, Moore is winning the race. The louder the Left screams about Moore and the accusations against him without producing evidence, the more support he gets. It also isn’t helping the Left for them to be simultaneously calling for Moore’s head while ignoring similar accusations against their own party members.

Rank hypocrisy, a stunning lack of evidence, and complete disdain for the Left is fueling Moore’s campaign. Hopefully, it will be enough to get him to the finish line and secure the Senate seat for the Republican Party.

Source: Breitbart