Here’s Why MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Is About To Be “Unemployed Joe”

If you’ve ever had a bad boss, you know how difficult that can make your life. It makes the situation worse if you have no idea why they’re demanding what they’re demanding of you. This is how the employees over at MSNBC are feeling about the hoops they’re jumping through to keep the Morning Joe show together.

The show has gone through a few changes, not the least of which is the show’s two hosts, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski going public with their engagement, and their former Republican congressman host abandoning the party. What they haven’t been telling us is just how much liberty the lovebirds are taking with their location.

Via Page Six:

…MSNBC has gone to considerable lengths to make it seem as if Scarborough has stayed put in the newsroom while Brzezinski appears to be on the road. But the romancing anchors’ production team has had enough.

“Joe and Mika are away together again,” huffed a show source. “ ‘Morning Joe’ is being produced as if they’re in two different locations. They are not! They are together — they are always together,” the source added.

On recent shows, instead of sitting together at the regular table, Scarborough has appeared in front of a blue screen, similar to the ones of the NYC set, displaying the name of the show, while Brzezinski has been sitting in front of what seems to be a TV production office.

But they’re actually both yards away from each other, working out of a London broadcasting facility. We’re told the pair — who secretly dated for a while before Page Six revealed their engagement in May — are in the UK on family business.

Maybe the two of them are seeing their careers going up in flames, and they’re feeling the need to get a fall back plan in place with a “family business” or maybe they’re just not that interested in their jobs anymore. It does seem like it could be tedious to have to make up news every day, and that’s not hyperbole, this is literally what they think their job is, to tell people what to think:

And while I support an individual’s right to use their vacation days in whatever way they see fit, it does seem like the network is bending over backward to act like it’s business as usual. Maybe they’ve seen the dive that CNN has taken and they’re afraid to break pattern at all no matter how hard they have to work. But come on, it’s just not nice to make your producers miserable.

(H/T: Red State Watcher)

By Savannah Pointer

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