CBS Poll: Roy Moore Is Crushing His Democratic Opponent

The Senate race in Alabama was supposed to be an easy win for Republicans, but ever since Roy Moore was accused by several women of sexual improprieties, it’s turned into quite the spectacle. At first, the accusations damaged Moore, causing him to fall behind his Democratic opponent.

However, as more women have come forward and the media played up the evidence-less claims against him, it’s caused a lot of folks to begin doubting the left-wing narrative. As a result, Moore’s numbers have rebounded significantly, and the latest polls are sure to have leftist gnashing their teeth in frustration.

As reported at Breitbart, Moore has overtaken his left-wing opponent Doug Jones, and pulled ahead to take a commanding lead in the Alabama Senate race scheduled for December 12.

According to a new CBS poll, the majority of Alabama Republicans don’t believe the allegation against Moore, which is why he now holds a 6-point lead over Jones. Jones is stuck at 43 percent support with Moore at 49 percent, while 4 percent say they’ll be voting for someone else, and another 4 percent are still undecided.

The CBS News/YouGov poll was conducted between Nov. 28 and Dec. 1, and surveyed 1,037 registered voters Alabama. The poll also delved deeper into the numbers by specifying support depending on the likelihood of voting.

The margin of error amongst registered voters is 3.8 percent while among likely voters it sits at 4.8 percent. The results showing Moore’s 6-point lead were taken from the sample of likely voters, which is usually a far more telling demographic than just polling people on the street or even taking it a step further and asking only registered voters.

On top of asking folks about who they’ll be supporting, the pollsters asked questions about the scandal surrounding Moore. Unsurprisingly, 54 percent of likely voters said that the allegations are either definitely false, probably false, or that they “haven’t heard enough yet to say” whether they believe the allegations against Moore.

Only 45 percent of all likely voters in Alabama said they believe the allegations are either definitely or probably true, and only 21 percent said they were definitely true, despite there being no evidence backing their stance.

Some of the most interesting stats taken from the poll came from the breakdown by party affiliation. As expected, Republicans specifically are very skeptical of the left-wing media’s narrative about Moore. A whopping 83 percent of Republicans said that the allegations are either definitely false, probably false, or that they have “haven’t heard enough yet to say.”

Only 5 percent of Republicans said the allegations against Moore are definitely true, and 12 percent of Republicans said they’re probably true. Of course, among the Kool-Aid drinking Democrats, 86 percent said they’re either definitely or probably true.

The absolute best stat from the poll shows just how badly conservatives hate Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The poll found that McConnell’s opposition to Moore—and his calls for Moore to “step aside” — only helped Moore solidify more support in the wake of the allegations.

A shocking 30 percent of likely voters said that McConnell’s call for Moore to step aside made them more likely to back Moore, while just six percent said it made them less likely to back Moore.

This poll is further proof that Mitch McConnell has zero sway or influence over Republican voters,” Andy Surabian, a senior adviser to the Great America Alliance said. “Never has a party leader been so universally disliked by the very voters he’s supposed to represent.”

The poll is fantastic news for Moore supporters. It’s also a much deserved slap in the face of McConnell, who’s made a career out of bending over backward for the Left and sabotaging the pursuit of conservative legislation. The people of Alabama are poised to send a dramatic rebuke to the GOP and media establishment, and what a joy it’s going to be to watch.

Source: Breitbart