This Picture Is Everything America Stands For. I Dare You Not To Cry!

Given the current state of affairs in this country, what would you say if I told you that a picture online is getting a lot of attention that features a black waitress and a white veteran? Would your mind immediately go to a Black Lives Matter crybaby, berating the white veteran for their “privelage?” Would you think the veteran is racist and calling the black waitress an ethnic slur of somekind?

These are the images that America needs to wipe from it’s memory banks. There is too much negative press coming from the Liberal left that it sometimes seems America has lost it’s way. Well I’m here to report, happily, that isn’t the case. America is still an incredible nation filled with partiots and wonderful people and this picture is the embodiment of that spirit.

Read below and try not to well up with American pride!

If you can’t read that, here’s the full text:

I took this picture on Saturday while Mike and I were out to eat (Texas Roadhouse • Cranston, Rhode Island) for my birthday. I have been dying to post it but wanted to wait for the perfect moment, and that moment is here. On a day dedicated to those who have fought and/or continue to fight for our freedom, I find it most appropriate to share this picture with you all. What you see here are two angels on earth. The man, a WWII war veteran who arrived at the restaurant alone. The girl sitting with him, a busy waitress at Texas Roadhouse- who decided to spend the few minutes she had to spare every now and then, sitting with the man, conversing, keeping him company. Mike and I could not believe our eyes. When Mike stopped her to ask if she knew him, her response was “No, I do not.” My eyes literally filled with tears immediately. I was just so touched. She continued on to say, “All he has done for us and our country, the least I can do is sit with him.” It came so naturally for her. She didn’t think anything of it. She didn’t even realize anybody was watching her, and actually thanked Mike and I for noticing. For a minute I thought she couldn’t have been any more amazing but then she continued to surprise us. She got his leftovers together and proceeded to walk him out of the restaurant and to his car. I didn’t get his or her name or even ask their permission to take the pic, or post it for that matter…. But people need to see this. An old white war veteran, and a young black waitress…This matters.

To all of our soldiers, vets, fallen or fighting… Thank You. Happy Memorial Day ????????

Amen and God bless the photographer for capturing such an incredible moment, the Veteran for his service, and the waitress for being an incredible person. America is the land of the free, the home of the brave, and still the best country in the world in my eyes because of things like this.

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