Stormy Daniels Gets Hit With A Dose Of Karma As She Appears For Court

Stormy Daniels was mobbed by a group of photographers on her way to court Monday. She nearly stumbled in her stilettos as the group converged around her. Multiple burly security guards ultimately broke through the crowd.

Daniels went to court so she could listen to a hearing about Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal lawyer. Cohen has been ordered to divulge his client list and answer confidential questions about his business.

Cohen’s team asked the judge to let President Trump review the confiscated client files before the prosecution.

“Fairness and justice — as well as the appearance of fairness and justice — require that, before they are turned over to the Investigative team, the seized materials relating to the President must be reviewed by the only person who is truly motivated to ensure that the privilege is properly invoked and applied: the privilege-holder himself, the president,” one of Trump’s lawyers wrote.

The judge rejected the request. Daniels was jubilant.

“For years, Mr. Cohen has acted like he was above the law,” she said outside the courtroom.

“He’s played by a different set of rules, or should we say no rules at all. He has never thought that the little man, and especially women — even more, women like me — mattered. That ends now. My attorney and I are committed to making sure that everyone finds out the truth and the facts of what happened.”

The Daniels saga has taken an odd turn. When allegations of her affair with Donald Trump first became public there was no way to predict that Cohen would be the person snared by her trap. He gave the former porn star $130,000 in 2016 in exchange for her silence about the affair.

Cohen also worked with a few other high profile clients during the same period. One of them, it has been revealed, was Fox News host Sean Hannity.

(Source: DeadlineNew York Post)