Rand Paul Breaks Silence On Vicious Attack – ‘No Justification…’

With all the scandals and controversies dominating the news cycle, there’s one potentially explosive incident that’s been memory-holed by the left-wing media. You’d think that a US senator being attacked and injured in his yard would be something to report on, but much like the shooting that occurred at the Republican softball practice earlier this year, it’s conveniently gone under-reported.

Senator Rand Paul was simply doing yard work when his whack-job neighbor surprise-attacked him from behind. The assault resulted in 6 broken ribs and a damaged lung, which has made it difficult for the senator to breathe and talk. He’s been resting up since the attack, but made his return to DC this week ahead of some important votes.

As reported at the Washington Examiner, Paul gave his first interview since the attack this week, saying that there’s absolutely “no justification” for what happened.

While there’s been speculation as to what the motive of the attack was, Paul said he’s still struggling to understand what could have caused his neighbor to attack him from behind.

From my perspective, I’m not really too concerned about what someone’s motive is. I’m just concerned that I was attacked from the back and somebody broke six of my ribs and gave me a damaged lung where at least for now I have trouble speaking and breathing and now I’ve hurt for 10 days,” the senator said after arriving back in Washington for a week of critical votes.

Rene Boucher attacked Paul on November 3 and was subsequently charged with fourth-degree assault and released on $7,500 bond. Which seems like an awfully light charge considering the nature of the attack, the damage he did, and the fact that Paul is a senator.

The 54-year old Paul suffered six broken ribs, cuts on his face, and has fluid buildup in his chest. He said that the pain is severe and that it’ll take months for him to heal.

Paul and Boucher share a property line in the gated Rivergreen community in Bowling Green, Ky. and many early reports claimed that the dispute was over a landscaping issue. However, several other neighbors have rejected the claim, telling investigators that Paul has never filed any such complaint with the community’s homeowners association.

Which leaves the other possibility that it was politically motivated, as it’s well-known that Paul and Boucher are polar opposites politically. Boucher’s social media posts show a deep-seated hatred for Trump and Republicans, however, for some reason, a political motive has been dismissed by the media and investigators.

Really if you told me he was doing it for some noble cause to feed starving children somewhere, there is no motive. There is no motive that would justify hitting somebody from behind and breaking their ribs and damaging their lungs, so no, there is no justification for something like that,” Paul said, often pausing to catch his breath.

The two-term senator said that he hasn’t talked to Boucher in a decade. “My first encounter was basically being hit in the back,” he said. “We’ve never had words over anything, we’ve never had a dispute or discussion or words.” He added that, “there is going to be a criminal prosecution.

It’s really been strange how little coverage this attack has been given. Just imagine how differently the incident would be covered if a conservative neighbor suddenly assaulted his left-wing senator in his own yard. We’d never hear the end of it, and it’d be used to smear every conservative in America as violent extremists.

Hopefully, a concrete motive will be discovered in the case and Boucher given the justice he deserves. As for Paul, it’s just great to see him back, because he’s one of the very few folks in the GOP that conservatives can count on.

Source: Washington Examiner