Look: Melania Flies To Florida After Hurricane, But It’s What She’s Wearing That Got All Attention

President Trump and his wife flew to Florida Thursday morning and the media’s attention was riveted by Melania.

Liberals scorned the First Lady when she first touched down in Texas after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, complaining that her choice to wear high heels was “disrespectful.”

Watch below to see the Washington Post pretend that their focus on Melania’s shoes isn’t petty and ridiculous:

Melania’s not a meek woman. Four days after the original high heel controversy she was stomping around Texas in an even more flamboyant pair. The media can’t figure her out. She set off for Florida in a pair of dainty Chanel flats, but when the plane landed she was wearing a simple pair of Converse sneakers.

The Daily Mail writes of her Texas visits: “On both occasions, Melania changed when she arrived in Texas in pants, a shirt, sneakers and a hat. During her first visit, though, her cap had FLOTUS stitched on the front, which offended many given the grave circumstances in Houston…”

Liberals like being offended. It’s a toss up which is sillier, feeling insulted because of a hat or legitimately caring about the first lady’s footwear choices.

The Trumps began serving food to hurricane victims almost immediately after landing in Florida, but don’t expect to hear about that very often. The only thing liberal media pundits want to yammer about is Melania’s shoes.

(Source: Daily Mail)