Mike Pence Cleans Vietnam Memorial To Honor Our Nation’s Veterans

If a person only ever got their news from a place like CNN, it’d be difficult for them to not think that Trump wasn’t a fascist dictator intent on bringing about the Fourth Reich. That’s the characterization and narrative that the Left pushes day in and day out about our president.

And it’s not just Trump that’s the target. Vice President Mike Pence has also been in the crosshairs. Liberals think he tortures gays in his basement just because he thinks marriage should be between a man and a woman. They’ve slandered his character, making him out to be some monster for having opposing views. But no matter how hard they try and tarnish his name, Pence is a man that lets his actions speak for his character.

As reported at the New York Post, this Veteran’s Day, VP Pence decided that he’d show his respect for the men and women who’ve served by personally cleaning the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Pence arrived at the National Mall for cleaning duty early Saturday morning, greeting the other volunteers in attendance: “Good morning all. Mike Pence. Great of you all to be here. Happy Veterans Day.”

Along with his wife, and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, Pence scrubbed the surface of the memorial, striving to ensure it was clear and reflective, as the creator intended.

The other cleaners, employees of NewDay USA, a mortgage company that serves veterans, had already prepped the wall for cleaning by moving the various mementos that typically decorate the base of the wall.

Besides cleaning the wall, the vice president also talked with the volunteers, including some veterans. Park Ranger James Pierce, who was injured in Afghanistan when serving in the National Guard in 2012, was one such individual. Pierce, 34, was one of three survivors from an attack by a suicide bomber, which killed 56 people.

Pierce was severely injured in the attack, as it took several reconstructive surgeries to get him back on his feet. After healing up, he interned with the Park Service through Operation Guardian, before being offered a full-time job, which he said was a dream come true for him.

This is pretty cool,” Pierce said of Pence’s visit. “The vice president comes out and washes the wall.”

After working at the memorial, Pence left for Arlington Cemetery, where he delivered a tribute to veterans and laid a wreath in honor of his Korean War veteran father. Pence’s actions reflect his character, and it’s nothing like what the Left has led many to believe. He’s a great man, one that deeply loves this country, and I can think of no one better to be the vice president.

Source: New York Post