Just Days Before Alabama Election, Roy Moore Accuser Changes Her Story

We’re just days away from the conclusion of the all-important Senate race in Alabama, where conservative candidate Roy Moore has come under fire for supposed sexual improprieties half a lifetime ago.

The race was supposed to be an easy victory for Republicans, but ever since several women accused Moore of pursuing relationships with teenage girls when he was in his early thirties, and also actual sexual assault, the race has been mostly neck and neck. While the evidence has been lacking in the scandal, it hasn’t stopped the media and Republicans Party from trashing Moore and treating him as if he were guilty.

But Moore has pressed on despite all the calls for him to drop out, vociferously denying the accusations against him. And on Friday, his persistence has been rewarded, as one of his primary accusers has admitted that she tampered with a primary piece of “evidence” against him.

As reported at Breitbart, in a stunning admission, Beverly Young Nelson, one of Moore’s accusers, has admitted that she fabricated a portion of a yearbook entry that been heralded by celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred and the media as key evidence proving Moore’s guilt.

As you might expect, the liberal media is in full-blown damage control at the moment, doing everything it can to downplay the revelation. ABC News presented the story as if it changes nothing, saying that Young’s forgery was just her adding some “notes” to the inscription.

Even more Soviet-like is that “reporter” interviewing Nelson when she admitted to the forgery acts like it’s no big deal, as if it doesn’t call into question her entire story.

ABC News told viewers exactly what they should think leading into the story with the Orwellian line, “Nelson admits she did make notes to the inscription. But the message was all Roy Moore.

Beverly, he signed your yearbook,” ABC News reporter Tom Llamas says.

“He did sign it,” she replies.

And you made some notes underneath.”

Yes,” Nelson says.

And that’s pretty much it. Llamas and ABC  just move on from the damning admission as if it changes nothing. As if the piece of evidence used to destroy a Senate candidate and label him as a criminal predator is still credible.

Llamas doesn’t ask Nelson why she lied and tampered with the yearbook, or why she’s only just now telling the “truth.” Because that would just highlight the fact that the key piece of evidence against Moore no longer has a shred of credibility, and the media can’t have that if they’re to continue their crusade against him.

There’s also the fact that Nelson has motive to try and damage Moore, due to him ruling against her while a judge in her divorce case in 1999. And there’s the continued refusal of Nelson and Allred to have the yearbook undergo independent handwriting analysis.

When it comes to the other accusers, their stories have significant holes in them as well. Court records directly conflict with one, and the other is a case of he said she said, as it’s a groping incident, not a claim of abuse like the others.

At the end of the day, the evidence against Moore would be utterly crushed in a court of law. Despite this, the court of public opinion has already determined him guilty, exactly as the media had hoped by spouting unverified propaganda as Gospel truth. While the claims could be true, it’s a dangerous game being played where we continually destroy people over evidence-less allegations from decades prior. No matter the veracity, the people of Alabama will get the opportunity to voice their opinions on the ordeal come Tuesday, which no matter the outcome, is going to be a wild ride.

Source: Breitbart