Hillary Clinton’s ‘Recount’ Means She Could Be Sent To Prison

We all know that Hillary is involved in the Jill Stein-led recounts in the battleground states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. This, of course, is a horrible idea, but not only because Trump won.

As it stands, Hillary could be going to jail as we all thought she might during the election. Here’s exactly how it could happen.

According to a soon-to-be published book by two Washington journalists, Obama told his former Secretary of State, “You need to concede.” At that point, it was clear the Democratic nominee was losing Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania and had no hope of winning the White House. Clinton heeded the advice and made the call. Wise move.

The president-elect was clearly moved by what he described as a “lovely” conversation with Clinton. “It was a tough call for her.  She couldn’t have been nicer. She’s very strong and very smart”, Trump told CBS News’ “60 Minutes”.  The newly-elected president suddenly seemed reluctant to have his Department of Justice pursue Clinton for criminal wrongdoing.

But in politics, what is given… can be taken away. Especially when the recipient of a generous gift exhibits a conspicuous lack of gratitude. Which is precisely what Clinton has now done.

Essentially this is a direct spitting in the face of Donald Trump’s frankly gracious act of not prosecuting her, which he is well within his rights to do as she has endangered national security.

Clinton’s campaign announced over the weekend that it will join efforts to push for recounts in the key states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania in a futile effort to deprive Trump of the needed 270 electoral votes and, thus, the presidency.

It is the definition of a fool’s errand.  A game of chance with not a scintilla of chance to succeed.

Clinton’s decision to embrace a challenge to Trump’s election is both confounding and inexplicable. Why would she chance angering the very individual who holds her fate in his hands?  It’s like an inmate taunting a jailer. You’d have to be obtuse to do it.

Already, Trump has responded with a series of furious tweets reminding Clinton that she already conceded. One of his top advisers hinted that retaliation works both ways. Trump might easily reconsider his decision to forego a case against his former adversary.

What this means, is that Trump can easily change his mind. Hillary conceded, and showed Trump compassion only to shove it back in his face with recounts that won’t work. Honestly, Michigan doesn’t even use electronic voting machines! How stupid can you be?!

This now opens the path for James Comey, Jason Chaffetz, and Trey Gowdy to throw Hillary in jail. My opinion? Do it. She doesn’t deserve the freedom.

(Source: Fox News)