BREAKING: France And Russia Aren’t The Only Ones That Want ISIS DEAD. Game OVER!

Another day, another few ISIS hideouts raided.

Brussels isn’t taking the ISIS fight lying down, joining Russia and France in being proactive and trying to rid themselves of the disease on their country. As the Belgian city of Brussels has been in lock down the last 3 days, not much has been done…until last night while we slept. Belgian forces raided ISIS strongholds and hideouts in Brussels and other towns as they took the fight to ISIS just like the French and Russians have been for the last two weeks.

The raids concluded in the capture of 5 possible ISIS operatives.

Police did not find Abdeslam, whose brother blew himself up in Paris, in 22 raids late on Sunday when 16 people were detained. Five more people were arrested during searches of seven houses in the Brussels and Liege regions early on Monday.

Police have given no details of those held. No weapons were found on Sunday but 26,000 euros in cash, found at a single site, was seized by prosecutors.

The amount of money is hugely important as it’s said that the Paris attacks were carried out for no more than 7500 euro (around $9000 US). The point to take away from these new raids is that Belgium is not standing down and cowering in fear. They are taking the fight right to ISIS and we salute and support them in this endeavor! Unlike Obama, who still thinks we shouldn’t intervene.

(Source: Reuters)