Watch CNN And MSNBC Lose Their Minds Trying To Cover Up Hillary’s Sickness

As with all good Clinton conspiracies and cover-ups, the media is once again taking her side, giving her the benefit of the doubt, and reporting things that are just plain wacky.

Take Hillary’s latest health episode for example. The other day she faints and we find out she has pneumonia after the fact, and that she was diagnosed with it two days prior without any press knowledge. Then she has a episode and is carried into a van after the 9/11 memorial visit. Finally, the press was kept in the dark about her condition and what was happening for 90 minutes. Anyone who raises legitimate questions about her health is either fired or on the black list.

As Tucker Carlson points out, Dr. Drew was fired from CNN after questioning her health.

I mean at this point what is she hiding? They bring up and excellent point: why was she taken to Chelsea’s apartment instead of a hospital? It seems like this, once again, is a massive cover-up and at what expense, the health of a presidential candidate? It’s absolutely mind boggling that medical records aren’t being released in this instance because if Hillary is truly sick, the American people have a right to know.

Otherwise, the liberal left could end up electing a weekend-at-Bernie’s bobble head doll. God forbid that happens. Here’s a hint on how to make this all just go away in 2-3 months time…ELECT TRUMP.

(Source: YouTube)