Here’s What Liberals Want Trump To Ban INSTEAD Of Radical Muslims

If you ever want to see how insane the liberal agenda is, look no further than their stated goals, and it’s not just crackpots on the fringe – it’s mainstream publications agreeing with this leftist nonsense. According to the New York Times, President Trump would make America safer by targeting guns rather than Muslim terrorists.

This is not the first time they’ve done this:

This is a key case of liberal lunacy,as they can never seem to get their priority’s in order. Liberals will NEVER give up their dream of repealing the Second Amendment and confiscating everybody’s guns. No matter what the problem is, the answer is “it’s caused by guns!”

“In the four decades between 1975 and 2015, terrorists born in the seven nations in Trump’s travel ban killed zero people in America, according to the Cato Institute. Zero. In that same period, guns claimed 1.34 million lives in America, including murders, suicides and accidents. That’s about as many people as live in Boston and Seattle combined. It’s also roughly as many Americans as died in all the wars in American history since the American Revolution, depending on the estimate used for Civil War dead.

It’s true that Muslim Americans — both born in the United States and immigrants from countries other than those subject to Trump’s restrictions — have carried out deadly terrorism in America. There have been 123 such murders since the 9/11 attacks — and 230,000 other murders. Last year Americans were less likely to be killed by Muslim terrorists than for being Muslim, according to Charles Kurzman of the University of North Carolina. The former is a risk of approximately one in six million; the latter, one in one million. The bottom line is that most years in the U.S., ladders kill far more Americans than Muslim terrorists do. Same with bathtubs. Ditto for stairs. And lightning”.

In this article, they talk about the amount of gun deaths in America, however what they fail to do is mention how high the number is compared to other causes of death. As you can see this biased article has limited facts and selective information.

As you can see down below gun crime is not the top cause of death in the country. As the majority of deaths by guns are in suicides which is the tenth highest cause of death in the United States. So much so that from the 20 thousand of the 30 thousand gun deaths in America are due to suicide.


1) Heart disease – 611,105

2) Malignant neoplasms (cancer) – 584,881

3) Chronic lower respiratory diseases – 149,205

4) Accidents (unintentional injuries) – 130,557

5) Cerebrovascular diseases – 128,978

6) Alzheimer’s – 84,767

7) Diabetes – 75,578

8) Flu and pneumonia – 56,979

9) Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis – 47,112

10) Suicide – 41,149

11) Septicemia – 38,156

12) Liver disease & cirrhosis – 36,427

13) Hypertension – 30,770

14) Parkinson’s – 25,196

15) Pneumonitis due to solids and liquids – 18,579

Over 30,000 American die from guns per year. Over 600,000 Americans die from abortion every year. In the four decades between 1975 and 2015,over 44 million Americans were aborted. An American is over 40 times as likely to be aborted than killed with a firearm.

Maybe this New York Times Columnist could write about that. He could title it “Abortion Doctors are Way Deadlier Than Terrorists.

The facts and statistics in this article are both misleading and factually incorrect. As according to the DEA numbers for the year 2013 the threat of death in a accidental fire is seven time more likely than an accidental gun murder.

Statistics released by the DEA show that there were 33,636 gun-related deaths,intentional and accidental combined. But these were surpassed by 35,369 car-related deaths and a whooping 46,471 drug-related deaths.

So I ask once again why don’t liberals write an article titled the death of drugs is more of a threat than terrorism. Or maybe death by car is more of a threat than terrorism.

However they will never do this as Liberals always want to blame guns for the violence and deaths that are happening in this country. When in reality, a gun murder is significantly less likely than many other things.

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