California Bans Travel To Four States That They Say Are Being Mean To Gay People

We’ve had quite the upheaval over travel bans in the United States lately. President Trump enacted a ban, and then the liberals freaked out and said that it was all wrong, and hateful and the world as we know it would end (not exaggerating, they thought it would be the end of international relations). Then it was pointed out that former President Obama did the exact same things while he was in office.

Predictably, it became not so bad when it was signed off on by the famous community organizer turned President. I guess when your middle name is “Hussein” and you have a questionable country or origin, you can’t be unfair in matters of travel, just like if your skin is dark you can’t be racist.

All of that is fine and good because it’s an issue of travel outside the United States. But what if I told you that there’s a state who has travel bans to other states within the U.S. I’m not being paranoid, this is a real story coming out of . . . you guessed it, sunny California. Apparently there, they don’t want their state employees to be associating with the dirty conservatives, and they’re banning it on pain of unemployment.

KCRA Reported:

Democratic Attorney General Xavier Becerra added Texas, Alabama, South Dakota and Kentucky to the list of places where state employee travel is restricted. Lawmakers passed legislation last year banning non-essential travel to states with laws that discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. North Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi and Tennessee are already on the list.

California taxpayers’ money “will not be used to let people travel to states who chose to discriminate,” Becerra said.

Let me translate this for you, in case you’re confused. Basically, if you’re a state employee in California, your wages come to you with the strings attached that you can’t use that money to travel to a state that the Attorney General doesn’t like.

But wait, there’s more:

(KCRA) Texas was added to the list because of a law that lets child welfare organizations deny services and adoptions to families because of “sincerely held religious beliefs” that Becerra’s office says would allow LGBT discrimination. Similar laws were enacted in Alabama and South Dakota. Kentucky’s new law could allow LGBT discrimination in schools, according to Becerra’s office.

“California may be able to stop their state employees, but they can’t stop all the businesses that are fleeing over taxation and regulation and relocating to Texas,” said John Wittman, a spokesman for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican.

Fresno State, a public California university, is scheduled to play football against the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa this fall. A request for a legal opinion on whether public university sports’ travel is exempt from the ban has been filed with Becerra’s office, but no ruling has been issued.

I’d like to be able to tell you that this is a gag, and we’re making this up to prove a point. But we’re not. For one thing, I couldn’t make this up, because you wouldn’t believe me, and for another thing, why would you? It makes no sense.

This is really happening in the United States, as best we can tell. For being a part of the Democratic party, a group of people who think that states rights are very flexible (and revokable), they sure are taking a whole lot of liberties with them.

(Source: KCRA)