Liberal Dummies Make Anti-Trump Video And End Up Knocking THEMSELVES Out!

We’ve all seen the dumb Anti-Trump whiners that lie about statistics and reality to promote whatever leftist agenda of the day. They say he’s sexist, racist, homophobic, and whatever other -phobic trait that they can think of that day. However, we know that Trump is the strongest candidate for all people in quite some time – he’s the anti-establishment Republican that has amassed great personal wealth and wants to share his work ethic and secrets of business with everyone.

And he’s not alone – in this video, Paul Joseph Watson, an opinionated journalist, defends The Donald from leftist attacks in a “tuck Frump” campaign made by lefty idiots.

Be forewarned: the language is quite foul, but would you expect anything less from far-left liberals? Here’s the video and EPIC takedown. Share it EVERYWHERE!

(Source: YouTube)