Trump Haters STOMPED On The Flag. They Didn’t Expect A VETERAN To KNOCK ‘EM OUT!

This makes my blood boil to new heights.

Outside the Wisconsin primary offices where a Trump rally was being held, protesters and all around garbage-humans were desecrating the American flag, stomping all over it. Why were they doing this, you might ask? To protest Trump of course. Liberal logic, it’s so stupid.

Best part about this is they were confronted by military personnel that were there for the rally, showing what true patriotism is.

Here’s the Fox News report.

Here’s the unedited video:

What I don’t understand is how this proves any kind of point at all. You’re stomping on the flag of the country you live in that gives you the rights to vote, be free to say anything you want, and allow you to make a life worth living. Think about it this way, you could be a targeted Christian in an ISIS loving country like Syria.┬áHave some respect, you troglodyte!

(Source: YouTube)