MUST-SEE: Bill Maher Tries To Defend Obama, Gets KNOCKED OUT In Seconds!

Bill Maher might be a well-paid political pundit that has high-profile celebrities and politicians on his show every week, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t be fundamentally wrong on almost everything. I say “almost” because he has taken the correct, hard-lined stance against Islam and I do applaud him for that, despite the rest of the liberal media going against him.

Having said that, I do love a juicy compeuppance story, and this can’t get any juicier. When Bill Maher starts talking about the things that Republicans won’t admit about Obama, the facts don’t support his conclusion, and to point out those facts is Gavin Mcinnes, a conservative presenter on the popular political channel Rebel Media.

Be warned, there is some rough language ahead. It’s still worthy of multiple watches and shares, as it completely DESTROYS Maher’s argument from its roots.

Do you agree with Gavin? Is he on point?

(Source: YouTube)