ISIS Loving Terrorists Thought They Could Fool America. They Got A Dose Of INSTANT JUSTICE!

You can’t hide from us ISIS terrorists. Not even in our own country.

Two “Americans” have been arrested in association with the terror group as they were conspiring to flee the U.S. and join ISIS as well as give the group money and other resources. Jaelyn Delshaun Young and her fiance, Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla, pleaded guilty after being arrested for attempting to support terrorism.

They face potential 20 year jail sentences and $250,000 in fines.


The two were arrested at a Mississippi airport in February on their way to Syria, according to court documents.
According to a law enforcement official, Dakhlalla is the son of a local imam and Young is the daughter of a police officer. She recently converted to Islam.

Prosecutors say that the FBI held “undercover interactions” with Young on the internet after identifying her as a Twitter user who supported ISIS in May 2015. She told the FBI that she was planning to leave with a partner for ISIS-held territory.

In one conversation, Young said that Dakhlalla’s family and the community she lived in did not support ISIS.
“I thought they were wrong so I look up the Laws myself and Alhamdulillah [God be praised] Dawlah is correct.”
“Dawlah” is a reference to “ad-Dawlah al-Islamiyah,” which translates to Islamic State, another name the terror group uses.
I’m so glad that our forces on the group caught these two terrorists before they could do any damage. We need to ramp up efforts against ISIS! They are coming to our shores faster than Obama can let them in!
(Source: CNN)