BREAKING: Paris Bombing Mastermind EXTERMINATED Like The Cockroach He Is! YES!

A huge win for freedom and a major blow to ISIS and terrorist fronts the world over. The mastermind behind the Paris attacks has been confirmed killed by a French terror raid.

The Syrian, muslim man who coordinated the heinous and villainous attacks on Paris has been killed in a raid north of Paris last night. He had bragged about always being one step ahead of western intelligence. Well guess what? Not anymore! Wonderful job by the Parisian and French intelligence agencies for bringing this criminal and horrible human being to justice!



It was also confirmed that his cousin was killed as well.

This comes at a hugely important time as most terror suspects that escape or evade authorities aren’t able to be found for years after, if ever, the initial bombing or attack. The raid also confirmed that these group was about to attack again! Amazing job at neutralizing these targets before they could do more damage.

Here’s the report from Fox News:

AMEN! Now go get the rest of them!

(Source: Fox News)