BREAKING: ISIS Planned To Take Out The POPE! Italy Stopped Them INSTANTLY!

Chalk up another win against ISIS. And this time it was a threat against his holiness, the pope!

Reports this morning are coming out of Italy saying that there was an ISIS cell plotting a nefarious attack against the Pope as well as the former U.S. ambassador to Kosovo, showing that no one is safe from ISIS’s wrath.

The four, all Kosovan citizens, were arrested as part of an anti-terror sweep conducted by police in Brescia in cooperation with Kosovan authorities, Corriere reported.

Described as ‘a highly dangerous group’ with alleged links to jihadists in Syria, they are accused of ‘condoning terrorism’ and ‘inciting racial hatred.’

These arrests were made after tips of the ISIS terror cell within Italy. Italian forces neutralized the cell and took all prisoner. Intelligence said that the cell was highly active on social media and that is how they were connected.

In reference to Pope Francis, investigators found online threats made by the group, including one saying ‘this will be the last Pope.’ The arrests followed raids in the Italian cities Brescia, Vicenza and Perugia as well as Kosovo. Police said ‘the [alleged] terrorist team propagated the ideology of jihad through social networks.’

The gang’s ‘mastermind’ is believed to have lived in Italy before being arrested in Kosovo. The other three were arrested in Italy, where they have been living for some time.

Good for Italian forces taking out this cell before they got to the Pope and the U.S. ambassador. Any shutting down of ISIS in any way is good news!

(Source: The Local it)