Al-Qaeda Terrorists Just Got Served An Epic Dose Of FREEDOM. Go Get ‘Em, Boys!

Happy days! Keep it going boys!

Reports this morning are showing that over the weekend, successful bombings of Al-Qaeda forces in Syria had destroyed many high profile targets, including an Al-Qaeda official who had been wanted by the government for many many years.

A Pentagon official confirmed reports that a senior Al-Qaeda commander was killed in a military airstrike in Syria.


On Sunday morning Peter Cook, the Pentagon’s press secretary, confirmed the death of Sanafi al-Nasr, whose full name is Abdul Mohsen Abdallah Ibrahim al-Charekh. Cook said al-Nasr was killed on Oct. 15 in an airstrike led by ‘coalition forces’ in northwest Syria.

According to Cook, al-Nasr was the highest ranking leader of a group of veteran al-Qaeda operatives, the ‘Khorasan Group,’ and a longtime jihadist. He reportedly was experienced in funneling not only money but also fighters for al-Qaeda.

This official was hugely important to Al-Qaeda.

Cook credited al-Nasr with moving funds from the Gulf region into Iraq and to al-Qaeda leaders from Pakistan and Syria. He also reportedly organized and maintained travel routes for new recruits from Pakistan to Syria through Turkey. Al-Nasr was in charge of al-Qaeda’s core finances in 2012 before he moved to Syria in 2013, Cook said.

It’s important to note that this person was a massive loss for Al-Qaeda and it’s regime against the U.S. Now that they have less resources on their financial side to help raise funds for terror.

(Source: The Blaze)