When Liberals Tried To Attack Putin, Trump Came Back 10 Times HARDER! OH MAN!

Liberals don’t know what to do – first their savior Obama has turned the country into a divisive, inefficient mess, and now the leader of the Presidential race isn’t a politician, but a politically incorrect billionaire that wants people to be successful, prosperous, and safe above all else. They do anything they can do sicredit Trump and his supporters – even going as far as to name world leaders like Russia’s badass President Vladimir Putin and put them in a bad light.

In an interview with Trump on ABC’s This Week,¬†George Stephanopoulos asked Trump to make a statement regarding the controversy between Vladimir Putin and the murder of¬†Anna Politkovskaya.

What Trump said was nothing short of EPIC:


Trump went on the offensive and said “Prove it!” The liberals try and poke and prod, but the facts always end up on Trump’s side.

(Source: YouTube)