What Bernie Sanders Just Said About America Proves That He’s A Complete Idiot

I can’t even get over this one and how false it truly is.

Earlier this week, Bernie Sanders spoke to a group of college students. Usually, this wouldn’t be an issue, but given that he’s running for president and is tied with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, this deserves some attention because it’s flat out wrong. Bernie said that the United States was founded on “racist principles.”

Seriously. He said this.


Senator Bernie Sanders declared before a few thousand college students yesterday, was founded ‘from way back on racist principles.’ ‘That,’ he added, after briefly apologizing for bringing the topic up in the first instance, ‘is a fact — we have come a long way as a nation.’
The first part is just incorrect. The second is correct. We have come a long way as a nation. But to say that our country was founded on racist principles is not only wrong, but insulting to everyone who lives here and abides by the constitution.
Flawed as it is, the United States was not founded on inadequate or abominable or “racist” principles, but upon extraordinary, revolutionary, and unusually virtuous propositions that, tragically, have all too often been ignored. As written, there is not a great deal wrong with the central tenets of the Declaration of Independence; rather, the disgraces that pepper the history books derive from the selective manner in which those tenets have been applied.
In short, liberal and history books tend to focus on slavery as the foundation of the country, and not the constitution; which is really the building block for which this nation stands. And there are not only measures within the constitution that say slavery was not good, they also encouraged it’s abolition.
In Philadelphia, the Constitution’s architects found themselves presented with two realistic choices. The first was to contrive a new Constitution and, alas, to tolerate the continuation of slavery. The second was to keep the existing Articles of Confederation, and, alas, to tolerate the continuation of slavery. Wisely, they chose the former path, conceding that abolition was impossible for now but electing to include within the charter a number of salutary measures intended to encourage its rescission.
I don’t know about you, but someone that clearly has no working knowledge of the constitution along with trying to use slavery and racism as a campaign platform is not someone I want running this country. Conservatives against Bernie!