Trump’s Fight Against ISIS Includes Shutting Down Mosques! Oh Yeah!

Can we just make him president now? It really just seems like the best course of action.

Trump continues to impress me. From his poll numbers, to his stance on immigration, to his no-nonsense attitude towards terrorists and the ISIS organization, I’m a fan through and through.

This time it’s no exception as what he said has me dancing in my seat. The Donald made a great statement about those who are leaving the U.S. to go fight for ISIS in foreign lands.

Take a listen below.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated he would revoke passports from people who go overseas to fight for ISIS and ‘You’re going to have to certainly look at’ closing mosques ‘if the mosque is, you know, loaded for bear’ on Tuesday’s ‘Varney & Co’ on the Fox Business Network.

What I still can’t understand is how this isn’t being done now. What he says just seems like it will work and really it all sounds like common knowledge and good use of common sense, to me. Let’s get Trump there so he can implement these outstanding ideas for our great country!

(Source: Breitbart)