Donald Trump Said “Ban All Muslims!”, Liberals Said “OK, YOU WIN!” Yes, This Is REAL!

Just more fuel to the dumpster fire that is the liberal media.

Every single channel was up in arms about Donald Trump’s comments that we should ban all muslims from entering the country until we have a system in place that can properly vet them or even just vet the muslims currently in the U.S. I believe his words were “let’s figure out what’s going on first before we let anyone else in.” It’s actually a very sound and logical decision. One that a seasoned businessman, such as Trump, would make every time. It’s a cost/benefit analysis.

But here’s the kicker. The liberal media would have everyone believe that what Trump said was not supported by nearly everyone in the country. Completely false according to Fox News.


A new Fox News poll finds 50 percent of voters favor Trump’s ban, while 46 percent are opposed.

There are stunning shifts in the responses among Democrats: 45 percent favor banning Muslims if Trump’s name is not mentioned, yet when the plan is identified as Trump’s, support drops to 25 percent.

So what this means is that Democratic voters quite literally have no idea what they are talking about or what they want. Democratic voters are some of the worst informed people in the entire world as they are spoon fed BS by the liberal media, and then spout it like puppets to anyone that might lend an ear.

Among Republicans, views hold steady: 71 percent favor it when attributed to Trump vs. 72 percent for the generic proposal.

So here’s to Trump and his ideas actually being good. He should be getting more recognition for trying to make America a better place. And here’s to liberals continuing to be the voice of the moronic.

(Source: Fox News)