This ISIS-Loving Professor Shouted “Death To Israel!” And Got A Boot Up His ***!

American colleges are a breeding ground for the sniveling liberal mindset. And now it seems like they are a recruitment center for ISIS as well.

Kent State university is located in Ohio and is a well known school as a FBS (formerly division 1) football school. You’ll hear their name being called as they play larger schools during the first 4 weeks of mixed play each football season. Now you’ll hear their name when you think of the middle east thanks to their professor Julio “Assad” Pino.

Pino has a history of anti-Israeli thought and is now being investigated by the FBI!

A Kent State University professor with a history of anti-Israel rhetoric is under investigation by the FBI about possible ties to the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

An FBI spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday evening that associate professor Julio “Assad” Pino is being investigated.

“Because it’s an ongoing investigation, I can’t say too much about it,” the spokeswoman said.

As part of the FBI investigation, several of Pino’s colleagues and students were questioned.

Among them was Emily Mills, editor-in-chief of the Kent Stater student newspaper. Mills said FBI agents contacted her by phone to ask if they could come to the student newsroom, and then arrived shortly afterward to interview her.

“They said they were looking into his alleged ties to the Islamic State,” Mills said. “They said it was an ongoing investigation and that they were questioning faculty and other students.”

But this isn’t his first rodeo and Kent State knew it. According to public record, his rap sheet of hate is long and well known.

In 2002, he wrote a column in the Kent Stater eulogizing an 18-year-old suicide bomber. In 2005 and 2006, he wrote letters to the paper to criticize American policy in the Middle East. In 2009, he was interviewed by the Secret Service about his beliefs. In 2011, he shouted “Death to Israel!” at a public lecture by a former Israeli diplomat. In 2014, he accused “academic friends” of causing the deaths of 1,400 Palestinians.

This is outrageous! Shut this hate monger and backward thinking coward down! He has no place in the American education system.