This HILARIOUS Cartoon DESTROYS Hillary Clinton In The Funniest Way Imaginable!

Hillary Clinton recently made comments that infuriated Republicans and Conservatives across the nation.

What were these comments? It was on the topic of abortions, something Liberals love since they seem to have no problem extinguishing human life. But Hillary’s comments were particularly enflamatory because of how she worded what she said. In her words, “unborn persons have no rights,” ultimately meaning that when you say “persons” you’re acknowledging that there is human life. Well Liberals and Conservatives were both all over her for this.

And this political cartoon summs up just how ridiculous this comment is along with all her other lies and deceit that she says trying to get into the white house.

BOOM! This beautifully shows how hypocritical Hillary is as she has fought for illegal immigrant lives, yet refuses to take a stand against abortion that she absolutely believes is life. She really will say anything to get in. What scum.

(Source: Young Cons)