SHOCKING: This Mexican Drug Lord Wanted Trump DEAD, Watch Him Get WRECKED!

Mexican Drug Lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman had put a $100 million bounty on Donald Trump’s head late last year for his stance on Mexican illegal immigrants. This makes sense, because El Chapo made his fortune by smuggling drugs into our country and spreading criminals from coast to coast.

However, although his safe houses and bungalows were all but out of reach, he was recently caught by authorities in one of the most intense and bloodiest raids ever caught on camera.

Here is the entire video, but please be advised that this is not safe for work and shouldn’t be seen by children or those who are sensitive to violence.

While El Chapo escaped this raid, he was apprehended about an hour later in a stolen car.

Foxtrot Alpha reports,

During El Chapo’s attempted escape, Mexican commandos dropped down into the sewers in an attempt to find him but they began to fill with rainwater and they had to get out. At the same time other commandos were involved in a roof-to-roof gunfight with fragments of El Chapo’s crew. In the end, five gunman were killed and four were arrested. It is not clear if more got away, although previous reports stated that at least one of El Chapo’s top associates was on the run after the raid.

Apparently, the whole operation was heavily dependent on Sean Penn’s interview with Guzman. During his trip to Mexico to meet with the drug lord, Penn was accompanied by the pro-El Chapo actress Kate del Castillo and El Chapo’s lawyer. Mexican intelligence officials, who were already tracking El Chapo’s lawyer covertly, were led to where he was hiding and began tracking him from there.

As for El Chapo, once he was captured he supposedly told Mexican officials “my holidays are over.”

I wonder what will happen to him when Trump gets into office.

(Source: Foxtrot Alpha)