Obama ADMITTED His “Biggest Mistake”…Why Is Hillary FREAKING Out?

Oh man the Liberals are feuding and it is not pretty for them. This is brutal!

Barack Obama, while being a complete dunce in his own right, may have just doomed the Clinton presidential campaign. Obama just sat down with Fox News for the first time since he took office to talk about his presidency as a whole.

When prompted to respond to a question about his worst mistake in office, he took no time in saying that the fiasco in Lybia when we helped overthrow then dictator Muammar Gaddafi. This then helped ISIS gain a foothold in the region.

The architect of all of that? Hillary freaking Clinton.


For those of you not in the know, here’s what we uncovered in Hillary’s involvement in Libya:


This is HUGE and something the Liberal media is completely not reporting on! Get this message out that Hillary is not only not fit to lead, she helped form ISIS!

(Source: YouTube)