New Hampshire Is Voting And Trump Is WHERE?! AWESOME! No One Expected This!

We have preliminary New Hampshire primary reports and they’re looking good for Trump – and equally bad for Hillary.

Since voting began at midnight, Trump has been on a tear.

As of this morning, we have reports saying that Trump is the best bet to win New Hampshire!

Here are the details so far:

NH Primary2
NH Primary

The above images are from and includes their polling numbers as well as their polling plus their forecasting numbers. As you can plainly see, Trump is an overwhelming favorite to take the state.

Donald Trump more likely than not will win the New Hampshire primary today. Both FiveThirtyEight forecasts give him more than a 2-in-3 shot to finish first. So let’s take a moment to appreciate what’s about to happen. Sure, Trump has some rough precedents, like Pat Buchanan, but the fact that he will probably win the first primary is … noteworthy.

Noteworthy indeed! As we get final voting numbers, we’ll be sure to bring it to you first. Go Trump 2016! Get out there and vote NH!

(Source: FiveThirtyEight)