MUST-SEE: Hillary Gets Instantly DESTROYED After Saying One INSANE Thing On LIVE TV!

The ego this woman has must be really heavy to carry around every day.

Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton went on record saying what might be the most insane thing she’s said throughout her whole campaign and possibly her entire political career. And that’s saying a lot as she’s basically made promises she cannot keep as well as try to say anything to get elected (you can see all her lies here in this convenient video).

But that all pales in comparison to the line she gave us.

Here is Fox News’ The Five to show us not only how ridiculous this is, but how truly funny it is too because this is beyond belief.

BOOM! First off, how can she possibly think that? She’s been the least forthcoming public official I can remember in my 30+ years of actually paying attention to politics. Second, what an EPIC take down! “As her emails sat in minimum security, maybe she will join them.” This is probably one of the best lines from this entire election season. Liberals should all take note of that because that’s who they’re voting for…someone who essentially lied to the American public and put our country at risk on a near daily basis.

Shameful. Lock her up!

(Source: YouTube)