Liberals Want $15 An Hour To Flip Burgers? Meet Their REPLACEMENT! HA HA!

Oh man the Liberals are going to have a conniption when they see this.

Every Liberal that supports Bernie Sanders, or just generally doesn’t know anything about capitalism and earning your living through hard work, thinks that they need to be handed jobs and money on a silver platter. That’s not how the world works, but it’s how the Liberal mindset does.

Well when you ask for something without earning it, you can bet there’s a conservative or smarter person willing to work around this problem. Take this BRUTAL meme for instance. You want $15 minimum wage when that would cripple the economy and drive prices up nearly everywhere? Ok, here’s the solution.

BOOM! How about no job at all. What Liberals fail to understand is the reprocussions of their actions and this is exactly what will happen, creating less jobs and ending the debate once and for all. Congrats Liberals, you’ve just cost thousands of your own supporters their livelihoods.

(Source: Conservative Tribune)