Hillary Just Got KNOCKED OUT By Judge Jeanine Pirro! This Is The LAST STRAW!

Of all her opening statements, this might be Judge Jeanine’s best ever.

We’re huge fans of Judge Jeanine Pirro here at YIR. Her truth, wisdom, and outspoken nature while simultaneously not taking any crap from anyone on the Liberals side of things is unmatched in the TV world, except for a select few (Hannity, O’Reilly). We watch every single Sunday to her show on Fox News and when we were watching this week, we couldn’t help but think of you all out there that may not be seeing what is possibly her best opening segment in history.

Here she takes on not only Hillary Clinton, but the ENTIRE Clinton foundation and exposes them for the true frauds they are. Not only that, but she also says that Hillary Clinton cannot and should not be the President of the United States.

Watch and enjoy.

WOW. This is something I could watch over and over again. Share this with all true patriots you know! Hillary must be stopped and Judge Pirro is showing us why it is important to continue to spread the word!

(Source: YouTube)