Donald Trump Meets With King Of Instagram To Solve The “Pussification Of America”

Donald Trump has gathered a ton of support and a ton of detractors and enemies due to the fact that he says what he means and he means what he says.

With his stance on Muslims and deportation of illegal immigrants, he’s been a magnet for controversy, all the while leading in every pre-election poll across the country.

One notable supporter by the name of Dan Bilzerian, met with Trump yesterday, to discuss the pussification of America, and its overt political correctness. Dan, for those that may not know, is an accomplished poker player, actor, and hilanthropist that documents his lavish and extreme lifestyle on social media platform Instagram, where he has more followers than anyone on Earth.

Here’s the photo Bilzerian released with Trump:

Another high-profile social media star came to Bilzerian’s and Trump’s support, by the name of Syndicate, who himself has more than two million followers on Twitter:

It’s great to know that people that appreciate Trump’s gravitas and showmanship aren’t afraid to come forward and show their support. We’ve been doing that since day one. Let’s go, Trump!