Clueless Liberal Protestor Doesn’t Understand That He Actually AGREES With Trump

This is just pure comedy. These protesters have no idea what they’re talking about.

A great example of political stupidity are protesters outside of the GOP debates. Specifically this guy. He’s from an organization called “Hedge Clippers” which supposedly is about economic equality and against the “buying” of political candidates, specifically Republicans, by hedge funds and corporations to influence their decisions.

What you should keep in mind before you watch this video, is that while many political candidates do receive money from many different sources, Hillary Clinton has received the most hedge fund and corporate money when compared to candidates from both sides of the isle.

The misinformation of our country, continues.

From Red State:

Curious that he specifically singles out GOP candidates for their involvement with hedge fund candidates. Curious that he was unimpressed with the fact that Trump said in the last debate that he would close the exact same loophole he was complaining about.

It’s also important to mention that there are about 20 people protesting in this video showing that the GOP is making valid points and giving protesters less and less ammunition in their arsenal of idiocy.

(Source: Red State)