BREAKING: Yet Another Mass Shooting Under Obama’s Watch. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

We have the unfortunate job of bringing you bad news as well as good. We have confirmed reports of a mass shooting in California outside of a Social Services facility.

3 deaths have been reported thus far and there may be more as there is the potential for up to 3 shooters to still be active. Reports say of a military style killing spree. Details are scarce, but we will be bringing them to you as we get them. Currently people are being evacuated and triage stations are being set up to treat the wounded both physically and mentally. CNN has the report.

This is the 13th mass shooting and now more than 25 major U.S. shootings have happened in total since he became president as well. This week will no doubt bring out all the liberals with the “gun violence must stop and it starts with taking away guns” rhetoric. Mark my words that if there had been more people there with guns to fire back, this wouldn’t have been such a blood bath.

We pray for the dead, injured, and those mentally wounded. God bless you.

(Source: CNN)