While Democrats Were Busy Attacking Trump, Obama Did One EVIL Thing Behind America’s Back!

In yet another royal shafting of the American taxpayer, Barack Obama and the U.S. Department of Justice just gave an insane amount of money to a cause that is the antithesis of the law and order this country was built upon.

I’m talking about a concept called a sanctuary city.

For those of you that don’t know what a sanctuary city is, allow me to enlighten you. These are cities where they have different laws that prevent jails and police from cooperating with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

ICE seeks out illegals for deportation, so illegal immigrants then flock to these cities to escape capture and deportation. They seek these cities as a “sanctuary” so they don’t have to go back to the country they came from.

And what did Obama and his justice department just do? They gave these cities $342 million in taxpayer money, to a system in which there are NO federal consequences for illegals that are prosecuted on a local level, as evidenced by this frankly insane Congressional hearing:

Yes, you should absolutely be pissed off as that’s YOUR money they are using to harbor illegal aliens.

The U.S. Department of Justice has given approximately $342 million to ten so-called “sanctuary cities.”

Tucker Carlson said on “Fox and Friends Weekend” that this begs the question: “Should taxpayers be on the hook for coddling illegal, criminal aliens?”

Jessica Vaughan, with the Center for Immigration Studies, said it’s “outrageous” that the Justice Department is giving millions and millions to dollars to these jurisdictions that are clearly in violation of federal law.

“This is outrageous not only because it means taxpayers are subsidizing the obstruction of enforcement, and they’re not complying with federal law, but the result is that criminal aliens who should be deported instead get released back into the communities and are there to keep threatening people,” Vaughan said. “So it’s a public safety problem as well.”

And people like Vaughn are fighting for the TRUE Americans here.

She said that this can’t go on, calling for action to be taken against sanctuary cities.

“These ten were the worst that DOJ identified, but there were more than 300 of them at last count, all over the country,” Vaughan said. “But these big ones are really sucking up the all this money that should go to places that are doing the right thing.”

“It’s just outrageous that so much money is going to subsidize this illegal activity.”

Here’s the full report:

This is pretty unconscionable. You’ve stolen our money and given it directly to illegal aliens, Obama! How is that not a jailable offense!?

If you can’t wait for Trump to stop these ridiculous actions of our backward government, share this post with your friends and have your voice heard!

(Source: Fox News)