When Firefighters Didn’t Think They Could Go On, Bruce Willis Did This! Wow!

As we told you in our top 10 list of actors you didn’t know were Republican, Bruce Willis leans to the right. Which now makes me watch the Die Hard movies completely different!

Not only is he a conservative, he’s also an all around great guy. According to the Independent Journal, Willis helped out the firefighters who are battling bravely to contain wildfires on the west coast and into Idaho. As the firefighters were battling and relocating, Willis catered lunch and helped feed these weary people to keep their spirits up. Amazing!

Here’s his public statement on the whole ordeal:

willis‘Like all of my fellow Idaho residents, I want to extend my most sincere and grateful thanks to the firefighters and first-responders, which include the helicopter and airplane pilots, who have been flying for day in and day out, who risked life and limb to battle the horrific Beaver Creek Fire in Idaho.

You are the men and women who put your lives at risk to protect ours on a daily basis, but it is at moments like these that your heroism comes to the forefront of our nation’s consciousness. On behalf of me and my family, please know that there will never be enough words to express our deepest appreciation for your ever-present dedication and bravery.’

What a guy!

News channel K5 also reports that Bruce Willis, who owns property in the Beaver Creek area, was in turn shown appreciation for the act of kindness:

‘In return for his generous contribution to the base camp, the firefighters made Willis a unique fountain comprised of pipes and nozzles.’

What a great story for this Labor Day! Makes me proud to be an American when good people of this country come together for the common good of everyone!