What Voters Said About Hillary Clinton PROVES She Is FINISHED! Share This EVERYWHERE!

I don’t think that this could make me any happier.

Hillary Clinton is a liar – that’s a plain and simple fact. People, in general, tend to agree with this. That is also a fact.

What’s that you say? You disagree and you think I’m being a biased Republican hater? Guess again!

According to a new Gallup poll, Hillary Clinton is not only branded a liar, but also dishonest and poor in character.

Here’s the poll’s EPIC reactions.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have multifaceted images among the American public. But the most common responses Americans give when asked to say what comes to mind when they think of each are “dishonest” and “dislike her” for Clinton, and “socialist” and “old” for Sanders. On the positive side, a fair number of Americans view Clinton as capable and experienced, and Sanders as a fresh face and honest.

In contrast, people see Bernie Sanders as a Old Socialist, who’s both honest and a crazy, delusional, unfavorable, idiot.

These findings are from a Feb. 13-14 survey. Separately, Gallup Daily tracking of the presidential candidates’ favorable ratings shows that only 10% of Americans do not know enough about Clinton to say whether they have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of her, and 20% have no opinion of Sanders. In line with that, 12% of Americans could not articulate a top-of-mind impression of Clinton in the latest poll, while nearly one in five could not think of anything to say about Sanders.

Looks like Trump might be up against Sanders if this keeps up. No matter, he’s still going to wipe the floor with them both!

(Source: Gallup)