Buzzfeed Admits That Their Trump-Russia Article Was Fake As Hell

About a month ago, the liberal media couldn’t stop talking about how fake news handed Donald Trump the election. Then it was Russia’s hacking. Then it was racist white people.

When those narratives failed to convince anyone other than the liberals that didn’t care about the truth in any case, Buzzfeed and CNN ran with a story that tied Donald Trump to Russia, alleging that Trump had deep ties to Russia,¬†and that Russia was blackmailing Donald Trump to do their bidding because they had video of him with prostitutes performing “golden showers.”

They used one dossier from an unnamed and unverified source, complete with styling errors, spelling errors, and factual errors, and posted it to their audience, who will believe that these are as good as fact. This is an absolute failure of journalism, and the exact reason why the mainstream media cannot be trusted.

Here’s Ben Smith of Buzzfeed, backtracking the story after they got over 2.8 million views to their website:


How it happened is interesting. Notorious trolling message board 4chan posted fake news about Donald Trump in a fabricated dossier, then fed it to Rick Wilson, who is anti-Trump.

Wilson then gave it to ex-intelligence official Evan McMullin, who then gave it to John McCain.

The dossier then got to intelligence agencies, where it was debunked months ago, but not before it was leaked to the mainstream press and they ran with it like a dog on a three-legged cat.

Here’s a 4chan member admitting that they fabricated the story:

These are the people that are supposed to be trusted with the truth? They’re not interested in the truth. They’re interested in making lots of money at the expense of a more polarized and more divided society, before Trump’s historic inauguration.

Don’t let them distract you from what’s really going on. Just know that the liberal media cannot be trusted in any respect. Share this if you’re with me.

(Sources: Twitter, Youtube) (H/T RedStateWatcher)