No, You Liberal Idiots. Russia Is NOT Blackmailing Donald Trump. You’re Sharing Fake News.

Last night, you may have read that CNN and Buzzfeed, those paragons of journalistic integrity (sarcasm, of course) released unverified claims that Russia has personal information that could ruin Donald Trump.

Was this seated in deep fact or truth? Of course it wasn’t. It was another left wing fake news story.

It’s due to the simple fact that none of it has any basis in substantiated fact. We know this because the FBI did a rigorous investigation of it, on several occasions, and every time it’s fallen apart completely.

Here’s what Buzzfeed and CNN are not telling you.

CNN reported Tuesday evening that President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump have been made aware of allegations that Russian operatives reportedly claim to have compromising personal and financial information on Trump, and that Trump surrogates — according to unconfirmed allegations — exchanged information with intermediaries for the Russian government.

The CNN and Buzzfeed reports came two months after the FBI found no clear ties between Russia and Donald Trump, despite numerous accusations to the contrary from supporters of Hillary Clinton.

A story from left-wing website Slate alleged that Trump had a secret server connected to a Russian bank, but that story quickly fell apart.

Notice how the video was from 2 months ago, like the report verified just below it. This is yet another attempt by the left to de-legitimize the Trump win in the election. And you know what? It’s going to fail.

The Russian hack narrative failed. The Recount failed. The popular vote failed. And now, this will fail, just like every other liberal theory. When will they give it up!?

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