When Trump Is Asked About Carrying A Gun, He UNLOADS! This Is AWESOME!

We learned a lot at last night’s debate, but this might be the most surprising thing that Trump has ever said. And it makes me want to support him even more!

I mean if that were possible, I would, but I’m pretty much his biggest fan at the moment. So I just continue to tell you about his awesomeness. This time it’s about his stance on concealed carry laws and how he lives his own personal life with the law. Trump’s revelation was that he is now only a gun owner, but he also carries…a lot.


Trump has also said that he likes to be unpredictable when he carries, adding a bit of comedy to the incredibly serious statement. But that’s Trump in a nutshell. He’s a guy that can do it all, even inject comedy into a topic that’s been polarizing all over the U.S. for the past 3 years.

(Source: YouTube)