When Muslims Said “This Is OUR Country NOW!”, They Didn’t Expect The Country To Do THIS! OMG!

As the refugee crisis continues in Europe, Europe has said, “ENOUGH!” and has closed the Greece northern border, turning back any Muslims that try to enter through the economically crippled country.

As thousands more pour in each and every day, CNN reports that most show up with a few things and no where to go. Shown in the segment below, most of these refugees come into Greece and have no idea what to do next, so they just set up camp. They used to be able to get on ships and infest Europe, but now that is no longer an option.

There are volunteers, but these people are overwhelmed and there was only 1 single UN representative there to help with any information. It’s absolute chaos as these refugees look to make a new home in a new land with no other options.

It also seems to me that these refugees don’t even care. They just come in and expect to be treated as though they are citizens. They even demand another country open their borders to them, with no signs of conforming to that society (Macedonia), just looking for another place to crash and take over.

But with a children’s play area and free medical care, why would they go anywhere? This is the exact problem that the U.S. is about to face as Obama lets tens of thousands of refugees in every single year. We’ll be caring for these people out of the taxpayer’s pocket.

We need to stop this, turn them back, and tell them to go back where they came from!

(Source: YouTube)