What Sean Hannity Just Threatened To Do If Trump Doesn’t Get The Nomination Has Us CHEERING!

Sean Hannity, you’re a-OK in our books.

Hannity is one of the few people left on Fox News that actually makes any sense when he talks. Megyn Kelly is useless and was far before she was making asinine comments about Trump. Hannity seems to take on a roll at FN that few others have: pro-Trump, but also pro-Democracy. Trump running and getting this far is exactly why we have the system we do. Hannity loves that system and love our country. So much so that he just stated that if our system fails and if Trump has the most delegates, but loses in a contested convention, he’ll walk.



That is amazing. Putting your career on the line like that. I fully support Hannity in this decision.

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(Source: YouTube)