Watch CNN Reporters FREAK THE F**K OUT On LIVE TV After Trump’s Epic Speech

It’s abundantly clear what the agenda is when it comes to the liberal media: bury Donald Trump. Pounce on him for any innocuous off-hand remark, and make sure that Hillary Clinton’s countless scandals and crimes never get reported on, because, after all, the media is in the back pocket of the powers that be.

However, sometimes media organizations hire people that don’t side with them politically, and that’s when you get the on-air rivalries that are so intensely satisfying to watch.

Corey Lewandowski, the ex-Campaign manager for Donald Trump’s campaign, was hired by CNN as an analyst and political pundit for the remainder of the election cycle. He knows the game perhaps better than anyone, and he played the CNN panel like a thrift store fiddle.

After Donald Trump’s speech where he outlined how America would be stronger as a unified force rather than divided on race, gender, and whatever other criteria the left wants to promote, the rabid CNN panel did its best to paint Donald as a heartless figure that doesn’t care about the plight of illegal immigrants and blacks, and Ana Navarro goes after him with both barrels, only to be absolutely blown away by Lewandowski in one of the most epic take downs I’ve ever seen.

When Navarro said “I have supported everyone except Donald Trump,” Lewandowski shut her down instantly by saying “How’s that working out for you?” Ouch.

Guess what, Ana? AMERICA agrees with Trump! According to a new poll, the difference between Clinton and Trump nationally is two points, and well within the margin of error. It’s as neck and neck as it gets, and we have plenty of time to put that crook away for good!

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