Trump’s Tax Plan PROVES That He’s Putting America FIRST! This Is AWESOME!

Donald Trump doesn’t play around, especially when it comes to America and it’s financial future.

After all, he’s a master businessman and he has America’s best interests in mind. Back in September, he held a press conference in which he laid out, in crucial detail, his tax plan that would benefit every single American, rich or poor.

Instead of operating the economy as a zero-sum game, he’s leading it as a business, in which prosperity is grown from people managing their own finances. One of the key tenets of his plan would be to reduce taxes for all, with half of the population paying no taxes at all, up to 25 percent (down from 39 percent) for the richest individuals.

He’d also close unnecessary loopholes and bring jobs and companies back to America. You can watch the entire video right here:

This plan makes so much sense and is EXACTLY why we need to vote for him this November! Who’s on board the Trump Train!?

(Source: YouTube)