Trump SOARS Before Super Tuesday Because Of One AWESOME Thing!

Trump is on a tear! This one is record breaking! OH YEA!

A new CNN/ORC poll has just been released before Super Tuesday and it’s something that should put fear in the minds of not only the liberals, but also the GOP establishment.

According to the new poll, Trump has a 49% support rating, completely trouncing the other GOP candidates.


The Monday poll reveals Trump has a significant lead over opponents, with the support of 49 percent of Republican voters nationwide. The rest of the pack are far behind, with Sen. Marco Rubio at 16 percent, Sen. Ted Cruz at 15 percent, Ben Carson at 10 percent and Gov. John Kasich at 6 percent.

Trump’s support has surged in the last 30 days. The CNN/ORC poll from January had Trump earning 41 percent of Republican support.

The poll also found a larger number of registered Republicans are extremely enthusiastic about voting this year than registered Democrats, a possible nod to the unusual enthusiasm Trump has generated.

Yes! Not only is Trump leading in all the polls that matter, but he’s gaining more momentum than any of the Democratic candidates, which means they’re SWITCHING SIDES!

Go Trump go! Do you think this is enough to push him to the top? Let’s hear it in the comments!

(Source: The Daily Caller)