This Group Just Said They Can Work With Trump If He’s President. Who It Is Will SHOCK You!

Well wonders never cease.

It seems as though the reaching across the isle has already started and could potentially create a firestorm on the left. Some democrats still aren’t on board with the Clinton campaign and here’s your proof of that. According to reports, center leaning Democrats are willing to work with Donald Trump as their president.

Their exact words? “We can work with President Trump.” WHOA!


As Democrats portray Donald Trump as a dangerous leader for his party, most of them barely acknowledge he could be president. But some centrist Democrats say they’re ready and willing to work with the business mogul should he defeat their party’s nominee.

“The people will have a chance to vote. If Donald Trump is elected president there will be a great opportunity to sit down and have a conversation about what that agenda looks like,” explained Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.), who has long backed Hillary Clinton. “If he’s president, we’re going to have disagreement. But we’d better all figure out how to come up with an agenda for the American people.”

And that’s all Trump wants. His whole platform is to make America great again. He’s a businessman first and if running America like a business means that’s what makes it better, Trump will work with whomever he wants to make this country as incredible as it possibly can be.

Take Tester, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, whose job description calls for retaking the Senate by relentlessly linking incumbent Republicans to Trump in purple and blue states this year. But should Trump shock the pundits and win, Tester acknowledges that there are “for sure” things he can come together with Trump on, “as long as they’re good deals for America.”

“This place doesn’t work very well unless you’re able to work with folks. So I would hope so. I mean he’s got some pretty goofy opinions, but hopefully we’ve got some stuff we can work on,” Tester said.

As lousy as that sounds, that’s TREMENDOUS progress. This could signal the start of the Dems wanting to work with Trump over anyone else, possibly including Hillary.

(Source: Politico)