The Military Is TURNING On Obama! Top General Exposes Obama And His ISIS FAILURE!

This is massive news. The military are now breaking rank to expose Obama for his lies, deceit, and overall lack of urgency in the war on ISIS.

We have reports this morning that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford, has now gone on record saying that we have not contained ISIS like Obama has said we have. The video had gone by the wayside and had gotten lost in the media shuffle of breaking news, especially after the San Bernadino shootings. This video comes after Obama has told ABC news in an interview that we had contained ISIS and that ISIS had not gained any ground in Iraq or Syria. That interview was the day before the Paris terror attacks.

Here is the general speaking and throwing Obama under the bus.

We knew that ISIS wasn’t contained and Obama did nothing. Obama preached to the American public that everything was fine and the next day Paris happened. This is inexcusable. When will everyone wake up and find Obama guilty of treason? It really seems like the only logical course of action now.

(Source: YouTube)